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The duck that looks hungry from souls makes me nervous, but the stoat calmed me down. Great game, very relaxing.

Thanks man! If you have any suggestions for other things you might see on a nice walk, I'm open to suggestions for future updates.

I personally would love to come across a few shiba inus.


can i have linux 32bit version?


lol that sounded so unprofessional

I've updated the game a bit, and the .zip for the Linux version contains both 32 and 64 bit version, so hopefully that work's for you!

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Really enjoyed the game =) A couple of things I've seen on my walks (sorry if they're already in the game and I didn't see them!) - old shoe, interesting cloud, lost tourist, broken fence, nice-smelling lavender bushes, piles of leaves, camper van, lost scarf/gloves.

Thanks for playing! Those are all good suggestions, and none of them currently present; I'll endeavour to add them in an update