A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Catbox is an experimental virtual pet designed as part of my final Masters project at the London College of Communication. The game features Catbox, who is a square cat, and tasks players with taking care of him. Catbox can have a range of complex personalities, and his actions change over time depending on his personality, his mood, and his interactions with the player.

The current build of Catbox is a proof-of-concept prototype, and as such is missing some features and a level of polish that I would like to include in a potential future 'finished' version.

The software is designed for mobile deployment, so the desktop implementation here is a temporary solution designed for testing. Most of the game can be played with the mouse as if it were a touchscreen input, with the Z and X keys used to zoom in and out in place of pinch gestures.

In any case, I hope you enjoy playing with Catbox, and make sure to take good care of him!

If you are interested in reading about the research and development of Catbox, you can check out the following links:

If you want to read the accompanying academic thesis produced as part of this project, you can find that here.

Design and development by Tom Battey.

Music and sound design by Edward A. Guy.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
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Tags3D, Cats, mobile, Virtual Pet


Catbox - Windows Version 17 MB
Catbox - Mac Version 30 MB
Catbox - Linux Version 29 MB


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Adorable game!

I love this box shaped cat! I also have some questions owo

1. Is there only one cat color?

2.I didn't understand how things actually work. Like, the objects around the cat, i click them and it needs to be half fill to like feed my cat on the bowl? I waited some mins an it did nothing.

I would like some updates, but i will still have it downloaded.