A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Theatre of Memory is an experimental project, developed in a month by a small team of researchers, game designers and artists, and looks to provide a new way for museums and galleries to present heritage narratives through a digital interactive medium.

Designed as a touch screen app with the potential to be displayed within heritage institutions or downloaded to visitors phone or tablet devices, this short demo is intended as a proof of concept piece to demonstrate the potential for exploring the stories behind museum objects.

This prototype tells a story from the Haida culture of the Queen Charlotte Islands, and is inspired by the Haida collection at the British Museum.

Collaborators: Tom Battey (Game Design & Programming), Rachel Emily Taylor (Research & Planning), Mingzhu Geng (Artwork & Illustration), Edward A. Guy (Sound & Music) and Hadeel Miqdadi (Game Design).


Theatre of Memory.app.zip 42 MB
Theatre of Memory - Linux.zip 42 MB
Theatre of Memory - Win.zip 29 MB


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It's lovely. I just wish there was more. More stories, more interactivity maybe. :)


Thank you! This is a very small prototype of something we would like to develop into a bigger project. In the long run I'd like to see a series of small vignettes based around different cultural objects, with different puzzles and stories for each one. I'm really glad you enjoyed playing what we have here, though; thanks for playing!